Alex Mischler

Licensed Professional Counselor, M.S, LPC

Autism and Neurodiversity

Depression and Anxiety

Adolescents and Adults

Sometimes, we get stuck. Stuck in difficult emotions or relationships—stuck in what the world says is possible for us. I want to help you get unstuck. By centering your experiences and sharing evidence-based strategies, I empower you to use your strengths and life experiences to work against problems that feel inescapable. I don’t want to prescribe you with what I think makes a good life—I want you to live a fulfilling life that fits your values.

I have experience working with Autistics and provide neurodiversity supporting and affirming care for adolescents and adults. I employ a multicultural approach through Narrative, Person-Centered, and Cognitive-Behavioral therapies. Prejudice and systemic injustice affect many of my clients’ well beings, so I strive to examine and reexamine the underlying assumptions that limit my perspective as a white, cis-het man and will do the work in and out of session to provide you identity affirming care.

I am available for virtual or in person sessions at our Madison location Mon-Fri.