Michelle Scott

I’m Michelle Scott, you may call me ‘Meesh.” I am a licensed therapist (LPC-IT) in the state of Wisconsin, Reiki Master Teacher, and wicked intuitive. I combine traditional therapy with intuitive energy healing in order to help the body to release the emotional trauma, stories, and memories from its physical ailments, aches, & pains. There’s a mental health aspect to all pain and disease, and when we can finally make that intuitive connection from our body to our mind, that is where the magic happens! 

Michelle received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & a minor in Biology from Bradley University, and her Master of Science in Community Counseling from Eastern Illinois University. She is also a trained practitioner in 2 styles of Reiki, and continues to learn about energy, spirituality, and is intrigued by quantum physics as it relates to how we experience human consciousness. Michelle is also taking her 200 Yoga Certification and will bring aspects of yogic philosophy and the physical asanas into therapy sessions as well. 

Michelle is married and lives in Janesville, WI with her husband Phil. No children yet, but they’d like to in the near future. Michelle loves to cook and find new ways to recreate recipes into gluten free and dairy free versions. When she retires, her dream is to open a Bed & Breakfast and cook for her guests! Michelle was diagnosed with fibromyalgia around age 26 (during her first marriage which was abusive) and has battled her way through acceptance, denial, and physical embodiment in order to be able to manage her pain in her own way. What she brings to the therapy room, she has more than likely already done herself in one way or another.